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Selecting Glass Garage Doors

Selecting Glass Garage Doors
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Here in New Jersey, many homeowners within our communities have elected to renovate their homes to a modern style featuring numerous glass windows. However, when it comes to the garage, it is either an unimportant afterthought or many homeowners do not realize that this option is available. If you would like to have your home’s modern look uniform with every detail you may want to consider selecting a glass garage door.

Seamless Modernization with the Same Privacy

• The glass is thick. You can have the same privacy in your garage as you can with that of any non-glassSelecting Glass Garage Doors garage door.
• The glass is also easy to paint on. You may increase privacy and at the same time have a beautiful door that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the entire home and gives your home a standout artistic flair.
• You can also select to opt-in for frosted glass, thereby also increasing privacy.
Durable, Energy Efficient, Easy to Clean
• Glass does not necessarily mean less durable. The thickness and hardness of the glass is equivalent to most steels used.
• Most glass garage doors have a strong aluminum frame that adds to the strength, support, and overall durability of the garage door.
• There are insulated options available. Using insulation means your garage can be more energy efficient by maintaining a constant climate for each season. If you’re in your garage a lot and prefer to keep it at a comfortable temperature you will save money on your overall energy bill.
• Glass is super easy to keep looking fresh and new by cleaning. Hard glass is scratch resistant and simple kits can be purchased for small scratch removal.

If you have a modern style home, the last thing you want is to not carry the look through to your whole property. With the various options available, you may keep your modern look uniform throughout your whole home’s exterior. Here at our garage door company, we are standing by to answer any of your questions or concerns. Feel free to call us for more information or have us provide you with an installation quote or discuss prices in general. We can help you determine if a glass garage door is ideal for you.

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