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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our customers share their experience with our garage door company with these testimonials

Garage door technicians equipped with knowledge to deliver exceptional service

Comprehensive and Speedy Opener Repair

I have had my Chamberlain opener for 3 years now, but it failed for the first time two weeks ago. The technicians of this great company took excellent care of it and now it is fine again. They identified a broken moving gear and replaced it with an original part extremely swiftly. They removed the rust from the chain of the chain drive garage door opener and applied lubricant as well. I really appreciated how comprehensive this service was in addition to being speedy. The electric operator is operating much more effectively and quietly now. I do not think that I will be replacing it any time soon with such a great repair service at hand.

Reduced Risk of Track Problems

I ended up with bent garage door tracks after extensive use. The team of garage door repair West Orange that came to my house provided fast replacement. They installed brand new tracks which are better in every respect. They are thicker and stronger. I am happy that I now have galvanized garage door parts which cannot rust. They are less prone to damage and bending as well. The installation was perfect as well. The tracks are standing perfectly in place and this enables the door to operate without a hitch. I am confident that I will not have any problems with these parts in the future.

Real professionals!

"My garage door needed a tune up after my girlfriend smacked into it with her car and knocked it off its tracks. I got it kind of back on but it was lopsided and definitely needed the touch of a professional who knew what he was doing. I called these guys after reading some fantastic web reviews and they certainly didn't disappoint one bit. Their technicians replaced two broken rollers and straightened the track in almost no time. Then the main guy showed me how to lubricate in just the right places and gave me hints about adjusting the sensors and some other things. Very fair price and I would definitely call them again!"

Jordan Brandywine


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