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Measuring Garage Door Springs

Measuring Garage Door Springs
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One of the reasons why the springs that support the door get easily broken is because a wrong size is probably used. While doing garage door spring replacement, it is very important to make sure that the new one is the same size as the old one so that it can function perfectly. The springs play an important role in the door’s mechanism and must not be taken for granted. If this is the case, then it's time for some serious rethinking.Measuring Garage Door Springs

It is not advisable to replace springs for a garage door if you are not a professional because of the danger it brings, if it is not handled properly. However, it is good to know how you can measure a spring on your own so you will know what to buy in case you decide to go for garage door spring replacement.

The basic principle of measuring is to include all the coils of the springs, even the one on the broken part. The materials used for measurement may be a tape measure or a caliper. Length, inner diameter, and wire diameter are the three things measured to determine the right size of the spring needed. For the inner diameter, you can check the spring fitting because the measurement is stamped there. For the thickness of the coil, the materials that you may also use are wire gauge and micrometer.

Importance of Correct Spring Measurement

It is necessary to get the right measurement of springs because replacing an old one with a new one of incorrect size can bring harm to anyone in the household. It may not be able to sustain the weight of the garage door and can even cause a sudden fall. Other parts will be affected and they will malfunction as well. That will result in more financial expenses instead of being able to save your money for other things.

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